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Why it’s important to put things out into the world

Fri, Aug 28, 2020 | Read in 5 minutes

I remember half a life time ago.

When I was sixteen and the world felt so new, I learned to code.

I wanted to start my own blogging platform with the PHP (programming) language. And I did.

It was called Online Zone Journals (cheesy, right?) or OZJournals for short and you can find it here.

Then I stopped. I took Nursing in college instead of Computer Science or Information Technology. I even got a Nursing license to show for it. And for several years I would tackle coding here and there, but never really invest my time in it.

It wasn’t until recently that I remembered my love for coding.

Now I’ve set out to accomplish, ever so slowly, a project—an app for creative solopreneurs—that can help act as their “online office and creative space.” And I’m 30 now, btw.

I decided to get back into some of things I’ve done a long time ago because I really believe in building and creating things that help others.

Here are some reasons why putting things out and getting back into your projects is a good idea:

1 | Your dreams matter

I know it’s cheesy how we’re constantly bombarded with messages of following our hearts and making the most out of our lives. It gets really tiring to hear sometimes especially when we just want to chill, ya know.

But when you really get to think about it and actually envision yourself living the life you’ve always dreamed of, isn’t the thought of it just amazing?

You don’t need to mind what people think about your dreams and desires. You get to dream the way you truly want things to be in your own world. These people mean very well, I’m sure, but only you know what truly excites and energizes you.

External motivation is great. Seeing people with fancy cars and lifestyles is a vibe, too. But making the same beautiful things happen in your own life is the best vibe of all. And the lessons that shape you along the way can never measure up to what people are posting on social media. Your life is yours to live and there is no point in comparing after all.

2 | There is an abundance of space for you

There are billions of people in the world and not even 1% of those are successful experts in the same field you want to be in. This means there is space for you to put content out there. The questions are,

What are you called to put out into the world?

Where is your heart trying to lead you?

There is so much abundance out there and in you. It’s a matter of what you believe in and how you act on your beliefs.

Of course, there are people already well known in your field but it didn’t take them one day to be where they are. It means you still have the time to improve on your craft. Through daily improvement, you are attracting a better outcome into your current reality.

Your desires are manifesting. They truly are. You can intentionally manifest by choosing to be in the vibration and frequency of receiving abundance into your life. By being an energetic match and then taking the aligned steps that will lead you to your desires.

Because what if it all happened? What if the desires you have right now came true for you and what if all this is happening for you and not to you?

3 | The world needs your voice

Why is your best friend your best friend?

I heard this from Kimberley Wenya during a coaching call. A beautiful babe had asked her about what her competitive edge would be if there are lots of people already posting amazing content. Kimberley then asked her, Why is your best friend your best friend?

The reasons are, of course, very subjective. You tend to like the people you vibe with. You love their energy and they love yours as well. And that’s how friendships are formed.

Creating content and putting things out into the world doesn’t have to depend on whether there are people doing it already or not. Your edge is you.

You have a unique way of understanding and explaining things. People are drawn to you exactly because of who you are.

By listening to who you are called to be, you form a brand that is not replicable. Not just a brand, but an entire vibration that attracts the right people to you.

So I’ve come back to coding. I actually recently spent at least 8 hours of deeply learning a new JavaScript framework/ library. I forgot how totally fun it was to do this. But I had to come back. The same happened to me with creating content. I had to step back to reflect before hitting publish (or schedule) once again.

Content creation can be pretty intimidating. Year after year, people discover even newer, more sophisticated ways to stand out and be seen by their audience. If you look at it from an external perspective, you might find yourself comparing.

On the other hand, if you look internally and deeply, you might find that there’s a message in you that you have to share no matter what.

Even if it seems saturated. Even if others can do it better. They can’t do it like you. They don’t understand like you. And you are worthy because you are.