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Wrapping up my 2-week daily content sprint

Fri, Jul 31, 2020 | Read in 3 minutes

“Oh, man. What a ride!”

Is exactly the phrase I want to say on my deathbed.

And that is the same phrase I would say for this whole 2 weeks of trying to publish content on the vlog and podcast every weekday.

It has been a roller coaster, that’s for sure.

And I’ve even talked to my coach, Meg, about this. And you know what she told me? She says, “I think you’re doing enough.”

Now I’m not exactly sure those were words she said verbatim, but that’s the thought that I absorbed.

And she is right.

I have been doing enough.

Today, I also heard a line from Joe Rogan (Rogen?) podcast that my friend, Domenico, shared on his IG stories. It was about a guest of the podcast saying you only have to be better than yesterday and that you are actually doing the best you can given the current situation you have.

And all of those are so true.

We beat ourselves up so much but it’s only because we compare our first day of school as a freshman to someone else’s senior year in college.

It just doesn’t added up that way.

Comparing yourself to others will never end up well, even if you think you’re better. There will always be someone bigger, smarter, prettier, kinder, whatever-er.

But if you compare yourself to who you were in the past and if you’re thankful for where you are now? Almost a hundred and one percent guarantee that you will be much happier with your own life.

Of course, I was comparing myself to successful women I see on social media and listen to in podcasts. But the problem is that these beautiful, smart, strong women have done their work for YEARS now. Obviously, I could not measure up to that amount of work and history. This was the main reason why I was keeping myself down in overwhelm. It was simply NOT a valid comparison at all.

But if I compare myself, my energy, my content, my mentality, my mindset to where I was years ago? A thousand more times better than yesterday!

And that brings me peace. My mindset is one of the best things I’ve learned to cultivate in these past couple of years.

I’ve been through a lot of challenges in my adolescent and teenage years, but having challenges in adulthood seems much more exciting when you know the kind of mindset that you get to practice in daily life.

Okay, so it’s not so exciting AT ALL when you’re constantly, sometimes unconsciously, comparing. But how radical would it be for you if, during a problem, you ACTUALLY think to yourself, “Okay, this is a great opportunity for me to actually practice and apply what I learned.” That is just priceless.

These are the lessons I gleaned from the past two weeks. It has been filled with discipline, resilience, stress, tension, pressure, patience (or impatience), delight, hopefulness, and most especially FAITH.

Keep your faith.


When it’s hardest to believe is when you believe. That is what faith is about.

I wanted so much to just stop everything that I do, thinking, “What good is all this for anyway?”

But I decided to believe because I am faithful that the Universe and God does not give me something I cannot overcome.

And my hope for you is the same kind of belief in yourself because you are worthy and because your dreams are worth going after.