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Writing and music

Sun, Apr 22, 2018 | Read in 2 minutes

“Write about the subject you usually blog about as if you were a music critic.”

Excerpt From: The Editors, “365 Days of Writing Prompts.” iBooks.

Writing is like music. There’s a particular type of rhythm to how you talk about and describe things. You change styles as a writer as you would change tunes as a musician.

Art is beautiful in this way — it reminds us of the wonders of expression. It also beckons us to communicate in a more meaningful way. It’s not always concrete, but people are able to understand albeit in their own ways.

However, I don’t always expect people to comprehend my work or my forms of expression the same way I’d like to communicate them. We are all just different in that sense. We perceive things based on our individual experiences and knowledge.

So when I write, I try to make sense of the thoughts in my mind so that I’m able to share them more effectively to others. It’s not always a perfect process and it does have risks of being taken out of context. But that’s just the way it is with work or art or living in general.

Most of the ways in which I write is through intuition. I don’t always have an outline ready for me to write about. I just go with the flow.

In the same way, I listen to music instinctively. There are some tunes that I think speak directly to me and yet there are others that do the opposite. And throughout the act of listening, I become more aware of the kind of music I like and don’t like.

Writing is similar in that it’s a continuous process of knowing what my preferences are. My styles often reflect that of the books, blogs, and articles I read. My points of view depends on my own experience and background. But my flow is guided by intuition and instinct.

As with all things creative and rebellious, there doesn’t always need to be a structure or a blueprint to follow. Writing, music, art — these are all entities that allow us to express, to communicate, and to share. They are venues that don’t always have to start with inspiration but rather instinct and intuition.

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