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You Are Doing The Best You Can

Thu, May 26, 2016 | Read in 4 minutes

We often fool ourselves into thinking we have to be everything at once in order to be a success at anything. I think the truth is we only have to be ourselves. Sometimes being ourselves means that we move a little bit slower than everyone else and that’s okay. Other times being ourselves means that we move quite faster than the usual until we become busy every minute of the day and that’s also okay. What’s not okay is not trying.  What’s even worse is trying to do everything.


Awareness of the present

If we stay in the present, we will realize that we have enough time during the day to do what we have to. We may not achieve our big time goals on the same day but we’re a day closer to it than we believe. Awareness means being able to know your present needs and act on it accordingly. When you’re hungry, you eat. When you’re tired, you sleep. When you need to talk to someone, you talk to them. When you’re sad, you ask yourself why.

The mere fact that we’re aware means we can still do so much to change what we don’t like and to appreciate what we already have.


Knowing what you do is enough

There’s a term that is commonly used called, “beating oneself against the wall.” It refers to people who constantly feel disappointed about themselves because of something they did or did not do. I think beating oneself against the wall is a sad way to spend one’s time. Although it is sometimes inevitable because of our reflex to punish what is unacceptable, it goes back to our awareness. You don’t need to beat yourself against anything at all if you’re aware of the things you’ve done so far and the things you still intend to do.

Little actions may not seem much right now but know you are doing the best you can of what you have. If you failed, it doesn’t have to be the reason why you start tearing yourself apart. Failing means you tried and that’s better than not even giving anything a chance.


Taking off the pressure

Take a step back from the problem that you’re so anxious about. How much does putting pressure on yourself help you achieve your goals and how much is too much pressure? You are the only person who knows exactly what what you’re feeling and what you need, so if you’re turning on the pressure, you will know.

Pressure can be helpful, but other times, it’s unnecessary particularly if it doesn’t help solve anything. Maybe you were overthinking. You set expectations that were too high. Someone else is pressuring you and you allow that person to take over even in your own thoughts.

Stop giving away your power—the more you do, the more other people will control you. It’s time to own it and be confident about it. If you have it, use it; if you don’t, discover it.


Moving forward

Have you ever noticed how your windshield is bigger than your rearview mirror? That’s because we were meant to look forward. Looking back is easy; you just need to look at the rearview mirror to do it. But you can’t keep looking back if you want to go somewhere. If you want to keep moving at all, you need to look forward. Keep your eyes on the road.

There’s a reason why the rearview mirror was made. It is to help us keep caution of the things that are behind us. That’s why, in life, we still need to check out the past once in a while.

There will be times when the things that are behind suddenly bump into us. We pull over because we need to repair and that’s okay. But we can’t stop forever. One day we have to realize that we’re all better now and there’s no reason to remain at the same spot anymore.

The road is ahead of us. The cars are passing by. Some are even walking. You can’t just look at these cars and these people and be inspired or admire them because they’re moving towards something. You have your car. You have yourself. It’s time to turn on the engine. Prepare for a long drive and keep moving forward.