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You want the full experience

Tue, Jul 14, 2020 | Read in 2 minutes

Today has been one of those few days when things just seem to click into alignment. I’ve just filmed some vlogs last night, been in the midst of finalizing a project, and decided to take part in a vibe-y membership group.

I felt so abundant and grateful today that I stopped and warned myself to not feel too giddy with excitement or happiness because this might all go away anytime.

I’ve got a feeling most of us are like that at some point. We’re scared when we’re too happy. We’re anxious when things finally go right. And we’re apprehensive when we finally get what we want.

I think it’s a little funny.

When we feel the happy feelings, we hold back a little. When we feel excited, we tone it down a bit lest something happens that completely turns around the entire mood.

Yet when we’re sad, we don’t usually want to be half-sad in case we might be happy again. When we’re angry, we don’t typically become half-angry in case things work out just fine.

Positive experiences particularly have a bad reputation of turning sour eventually, which leads us scared of ever having to feel completely happy again.

We’re scared that good things never last. They actually, really don’t.

And that’s okay. Bad things don’t last either.

So, little by little, one thought after another, I remind myself that it’s safe to feel. And I am grateful for my negativity because it only wants to protect me. We all need some protection from time to time.

It’s safe to be happy. It’s safe to be excited and glad. You can’t control when things go wrong in the future. But right now, this is how you feel and you don’t have to half-heartedly feel. You get to have the full experience. You want the full experience.