Make better content

Every week, I reflect on the things I learned from the past week and jot down notes. As I continued to publish on my blog last week, I felt like I had to step back and check in with myself about the things I learned along the way. Ultimately, what you learn will make you […]

Multi-passionate Reflection: Setting the Mood with Meditation (Part One)

Today has been one of those days. If the menstrual cycle were compared to the four seasons, I would definitely be in the Winter phase. I have just up and used most of my energy in summer and now my body is preparing for hibernation. And what a beautiful cycle this is! What a blessing […]

Multi-passionate Productivity: Aligned Action (Part One)

I sat by the balcony of our apartment this evening. My two-year-old little girl was by my side, murmuring incomprehensible words, while I daydreamed (or evening-dreamed?) of being in a photoshoot in that same balcony so I can display something fancier on my website. I’ve been putting off this “photoshoot” for so long and I’ve […]

Multi-passionate Mindset For When You Are In the Messy Middle

There was a slight dilemma in our household when I was about 12. I was the eldest of 5 siblings. Our mom was not around. Our dad wasn’t either. The problem was that we were hungry. We had nothing to eat for the night. It was Christmas. And you know what my younger brother did? […]