Things to Consider When Making Macro and Micro Goals

Coffee by my side. Fingers poised on the keyboard. With all this caffeinated energy in my veins, I am once again enthusiastic to chip away on my writing. This kind of energy and focus rarely comes to me every month. When I’m not feeling like it, I’m really not feeling like it. Add that up […]

Day-to-day Freedom, Flexibility, and Accomplishment

I once heard someone say, “ditch S.M.A.R.T. goals.” And if that wasn’t the most rebellious thing I heard, I don’t frickin’ know what is. I wish I could remember who it was I heard that line from because I want to give her/ him/ them a virtual medal + a like, share, and hug. Sometimes, […]

Inquiring Your Heart and Intuition

I stood up, grabbed some snacks and watched animé with my family in the living room for a while. I properly felt the resistance to write this evening. I started writing the first drafts earlier in the afternoon but something in them just didn’t click. And I wanted it to click because I was writing […]