Ep46: How to gain real confidence as a content creator

Hint: it’s not just about how you look. There are lots of content out there on the Internet already about all the ways you can be confident. You can dress the part. You can wear makeup and look pretty. You can work hard or act as if (you know, fake-it-til-you-make-it mentality, which is one of […]

Ep45: Wrapping up my 2-week daily content sprint

We beat ourselves up so much but it’s only because we compare our first day of school as a freshman to someone else’s senior year in college. It just doesn’t add up that way. Comparing yourself to others will never end up well, even if you think you’re better. There will always be someone bigger, […]

Ep44: Finding patience. Patience, where are you?

Feelings are what they are but they are not great leaders. They are great indicators but they shouldn’t be the reason why you do something (good or otherwise). The word reason itself relates to the mind, not emotions or feelings. Give yourself a reason why you feel something and why there’s a need to shout […]

Ep43: You Want The Full Experience

Today has been one of those few days when things just seem to click into alignment. I’ve just filmed some vlogs last night, been in the midst of finalizing a project, and decided to take part in a vibe-y membership group. I felt so abundant and grateful today that I stopped and warned myself to […]

Ep42: Building Lists For Everything

This week, I am just over being productive. I’ve just had the realization that I don’t handle work pressure very well, which is a bummer because I’ve always pegged myself as someone who’s usually graceful and calm under pressure. But when it comes to making and doing stuff for work (i.e. client work), I can […]

Ep41: How To Recharge From Creating Content

These were the things I learned from Week 26 of this year 2020 that may help with how you can spend energy to get back energy as well (but with the caveat of spending that energy with those who matter to you)… Blog post: https://bit.ly/creator-recharge Beautiful Things and Memories aims to showcase the beauty that […]

Ep40: Wondering what to do next

The parts of you that you need to improve on are so important. It’s what paves the way for creativity and inspiration to take place because your weaknesses can determine how you adapt and, from there, create something beautiful. Last week I recorded a vlog for my Weekly Ideas newsletter about wondering what to do […]

Ep39: When there is no end point

And everyday is a mess. That’s okay. When everything seems blurry and confusing, that is okay. I’ve been talking with my wonderful, creative, courageous coach, Meg Kissack from That Hummingbird Life, recently. And we came upon this beautiful idea of a blog post about not reaching success (the end point) yet staying in the mess […]

Ep38: Flawed people loving flawed people

I rarely consume the news anymore nor log into Facebook at all. But every now and then, somebody informs me that so-and-so place recently had another positive case of Covid-19 or there’s another story or post on Instagram that shows more evidence of unnecessary misuse of authoritative power from so-and-so country or state, which led […]