Welcome to your new safe space for Aligned Content Creation!

Hi, love! First of all, I acknowledge you for being here.

This is for you if you are a modern, unconventional, creative woman looking to go from procrastination to aligned content creation in the most flexible way possible!

In here, we don’t believe in hustling 24/7.

What we do believe in is owning your flaws and creating a safe space to once again show up for your creative projects.

My Story

In August of 2019, I started re-exploring my creativity but I had so many limiting beliefs that blocked me from creating.

Being in a scarcity mindset for most of my life (owing to the fact that I just really never thought about abundance), I constantly compared myself to others who have found their stride with doing aligned work.

And even when I created content here and there, I was not exactly clear and focused.

And then I started to learn about emotional intelligence and then Stoicism, my life started to change little by little.

A little progress was surely progress.

Incrementally, I found myself piling up one empowering self-belief over another and responding to situations instead of reacting.

I started creating what I wanted to see in the world: Beautiful Things and Memories, relentlessly finding the beauty in things even though they are messy.

It wasn’t until I came across intentional manifestation and invested time and resources into learning that I found my own way into bringing out my natural strengths ( aka optimism, thinking, faith, adaptation, and learning).

Fast forward to now, I am here finding fun and freedom in everything I create especially for you as we tread along this creative path.

You get to create content that reminds you of your purpose every single time.

Have you ever created something and doubted that it mattered as you were publishing it?

I know I have and that is the feeling we always want to avoid.

There is a free-ing feeling in setting an intention as you create and publish your content. That intention is the energy you get to place behind your work. That is the kind of energy we want for your content to emanate towards your audience.

Value isn’t only in providing ways to do things but also in the way you incorporate your own energy into the work you are doing.

Value is in the way you make sure your audience is uplifted with the content you provide.

The conventional way is to provide tangible results every single time and sometimes even to lead with fear and other people’s weaknesses.

But I am not conventional and I am not here to sell to you a method for eliminating weaknesses.

Sometimes weaknesses can serve as lessons and reminders for us that we too have strengths. And that we can rely on such strengths to carry us forward when things begin to seemingly go backwards.

The unconventional way is leading with aligned energy and doing your part whilst letting go of the pressure that comes with obsessing over data.

It is almost an unrelenting belief in your own work that sets you up for a sustainable pace as you create content. The truly successful know it takes time to be where they are. Yet we cannot see that for now because we are at the beginning or in the middle of this journey.

The work doesn’t get to become better if it is not constantly put out for testing.

Clarity is found as you do the work you are called to.

Posting continuously doesn’t always mean you’re blindly putting content out there.

There is a silver lining in this content creation process in that, every time you put something out, you gain some more perspective.

You become clearer and you start to find your focus.

In our content coaching calls, we will delve even deeper into your aligned message and core beliefs. We will tackle that little pesky thing called procrastination and make it a useful part of your creative journey.

Flexibility is the key and it is only the beginning to creating content that is aligned to you and the message you need to bring out into the world.

Aligned Content Creation Coaching Phases:

1 | The Aligned Creator: Defining blocks and building belief systems

  • Knowing your story and diving deep into self-limiting mental blocks
  • Creating or improving on current belief systems that serve you as a creator
  • Finding fun ways for you to enjoy content creation when inevitable down times take place
  • Discovering ways to not forget about your ideas
  • Building a practice that sets you up for content creation flow
  • Separating self and art

2 | Dream Audience: Who your content is for

  • Creating your characters as dream audiences
  • Determining your “character’s” favorites and dislikes
  • Qualities and values that make up your dream audience

3 | Heart-led Content Creation: Making space for flow and creativity

  • Setting days of flow where you get to not work on your content
  • Making tiny steps matter
  • Creating from a place of service and value
  • Outlining your aligned content for the next few weeks/ months
  • Goals and chapters of content creation

4 | Impactful Outcomes: Evaluation and re-application of what works

  • Finding what works for you and what doesn’t
  • Evaluating the content you’ve made thus far
  • Looking for spaces and corners in your work that you can improve on

What you will get:

  • 3 x 45-minute coaching call each month
  • audit for your existing content
  • pre-, during, and post-session workbooks to fill
  • voice message access
  • copy of the Content Creation for Intentional Creators ebook (valued at $20)
  • access to the Mindset and Habits Transformation course (valued at $80)

Content coaching scope:

  • Blog/ Website
  • Instagram
  • Newsletter
  • Podcast
  • Vlog

Your investment:


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