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Creating beautiful things and memories

Sun, Sep 8, 2019 | Read in 7 minutes

In my early 20s, I joined a beauty pageant. During our first press conference, I was asked about my opinion of women and beauty pageants. Something along those lines, I couldn’t exactly remember. And I murmured something about aesthetics.

Did I know what aesthetics was at the time? Sure. Did I know how to relate or connect the word “aesthetics” to answer the question being thrown at me? Definitely not. I did not know any better. I was only 21. What kind of experience could I possibly have to merit a valid answer to that question?

My answer to my own question: everything. I had all the merit in the world to answer that question and it would still be called a “valid” answer.

Am I entitled to think so? It depends on how you, the reader, would judge me. But for my own intentions, I could gladly exclaim that I was doing my best to answer the question with what I knew at the time.

A thin line between entitlement and just being real

Back to the pageant story, in my mind, I was thinking about using aesthetics to attract people. Beauty pageants don’t have to be the completely shallow activity that most women would probably dismiss as disgusting or disrespectful to women’s bodies.

And then when enough heads turn in favor of aesthetics (read: sexy bodies and pretty faces), we could use that attention any way we feel to be right and responsible.

I know, I know. That is just about the most cliche way to say it. But it’s true. Even on social media, we follow people whose aesthetics we aspire to or are attracted by. And then, once we follow them, we learn more about them until we can decide for ourselves if they are the right fit for our feeds or if their stories are worth listening to.

Blogging, thus far

I’ve been writing my stories on the Internet ever since I learned that I could. Ever since my computer teacher in high school showed us how she had a web page that was published on the world wide web and that was available for anyone with an Internet connection to see, I knew I wanted to do the same thing.

The first official blog I had was on WordPress in 2006. Sixteen-year-old me then talked about trivial things teenagers talk about when they’re sixteen. I was naive and I wanted to connect to people who had similar interests.

Now I’m almost 30. I’m twenty-nine years old. I will be 30 this December. Half a lifetime ago, I was so different. Until now, I am different.

And so I feel like different is good. Different means change. Change means you didn’t stagnate, right?

Rebel habits and tendencies

Habits and tendencies are a big part of our lives. Knowing ourselves is half the battle of trying to live a life that we designed, not the life that other people say we should go after. This is why I’m very thankful that I came across Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies.

Without much surprise or commotion, I tested out as a Rebel. It’s so typical, right? Eldest girl of five from a broken family and an estranged dad. What more reason could there be to be a Rebel? It turns out it’s not that easy to change my personality. But it’s easier to change the circumstance. (Gretchen Rubin actually replied to my DM on this. Wow.)

Finding “your people”

So, once I had that clarity (which is one of the Rebel’s strategies, btw), I was on a hunt for others who share the same tendency. I found an awesome person named Violeta and her community of creative rebels. I also met Elin and Meg. These women are some of the most creative, empowering people on the Internet I know. Not to mention a couple of YouTube personalities like Amy Landino who shares valuable insights into going after the life.

This is good news for me: knowing the landscape of fellow Rebels out there. It means 1) I’m not alone (hint: no one is) and 2) I have a possible audience in them. These are my people; I can relate to their struggles and awesomeness. And together, we can leverage our strengths to succeed and develop ourselves.

Using the Nursing Process

Since I’m also a nurse, I’m a big fan of the Nursing Process. It’s one of the Fundamentals of Nursing. The acronym is ADPIE and it stands for assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. This process is applicable not only to Nursing, but to any endeavor we have or want to go through. I used it to create my website (and multiple other sites) and I continue to use it for whenever I create content.

The era of podcasts and vlogs

It’s a blessing to be born in this day and age. I know that’s kind of a controversial statement. Some people would disagree. What with all the mental health concerns that have risen that could be linked to the current technology.

But, I believe the glass is always half full and brimming. In an era of podcasts, vlogs, blog posts, and overall content generation, I know there’s still space for each and every one of us. We might be talking about roughly the same topics time and time again, but humankind has done so for many years now.

We all have similar experiences in life, but our approach and our points of view vary. And I think this is the greatest value proposition in any blog/ online business out there that’s producing content: personality.

You. Your personality. Your take on the way our world is evolving. No one can take that away from you even if they tried. So you just need to uncover, leverage, and be proud of who you are.

In Conclusion

As it is, my latest post is also my first post. Does this sound like a paradox? It kinda is. I’ve been posting at least twice on this blog since around earlier this year with a goal in mind: to publish my updates.

But I’ve evolved. I found that if I really put my mind to it, I can do anything (this is one of the advantages of being a Rebel, btw). So I want to use this space to create and make beautiful things and memories. To document the ins and outs of being a Rebel, a creative, a content creator, and a mom at the same time.

I believe we should always leverage our strengths.

Sometimes, we forget this. Because of the way social media and technology in general makes things even more accessible these days, it’s easy to compare and contrast your life with others.

But you do have strengths and experiences unique to you. So keep going and create whenever you can.

As a mom, I find this thought very powerful: I can create whenever I can.

Don’t worry if it’s been a while or if you haven’t started yet. You can still come back after a long/ short break and keep the momentum going from there. And if ever you need to take a break, take it.

In our ever continuous journey of self development and self awareness, we will find that not everything will work out the way we expect. Sometimes we forget our goals and go back to our bad habits. This can happen on a daily basis. And that’s okay. Just keep coming back to you. Take comfort in the fact that everything passes: so how do you want your life to pass? Will you take the wheel and direct the journey of life yourself? Your choice. 🙂