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Day 13: Bringing ideas together

Sat, Dec 10, 2016 | Read in 3 minutes

It has taken me yet again (approximately) a month to post. I feel proud. Why? Because normally, after I haven’t posted for that long, I’d just let go of writing all together and focus on other (usually un-productive) things. But now, my reminders, tasks, and quests are driving me up towards long-term goals and that’s a good sign, at least for me.

Always think of the long-term achievements

I found that I really do love short-term pleasures. For instance, having cravings and buying said cravings and voila, short-term achievement unlocked! But then, when the time comes, I’ll sort of regret why I spent my resources on such temporary pleasures.

There are other things in life that have more meaning and more returns but one needs to be as disciplined as possible in order to reap its bountiful harvest.

So, yes, always think about your long-term goals like you really, really need to achieve them. Because how else will you get out of that feeling of being stuck? I think one is only stuck because one is frustrated about not achieving, you know, big things.

You get stuck because you’re treading along the lines of mediocrity.

Not that mediocrity is such a bad thing. I think mediocrity also has an advantage in that it allows us to be stress-free to a certain extent. There are some things that need focus and quality and there are also other things that don’t need that much focus and quality especially if it only brings about stress.

Anyway, yes, long-term. Stop doing things just for the heck of it today. Instead, focus on what you can do today to slay those long-term goals tomorrow. I’ll bet that’s how the “successful” people do it. 😉

Writing + Coding + Other stuff

Besides long-term goal slaying, I’ve grappled with mah-self over what I really want to do for the rest of life as I know it and I realized I wanted to write and code, and then achieve some of the things I wrote on my almost hundred things-to-do in my bucket list.

Writing is special to me. Coding sets me on fire (not literally, although that would be interesting). And the other stuff… keeps me sane, generally speaking.

So these are things I hope to be able to combine through my day-to-day efforts. These contribute to my personal version and view of success.

Combination of Interests

Now, the question remains: how do I combine these interests? That’s for me to find out, but the great thing is that it doesn’t always have to be a stressful process. Combining interests? That’s supposed to be the most fun thing I could ever imagine because, heck, it’s not like I’m gonna have to figure out how to live on Mars or something. It’s my interests I’m talking about here. That should be fun!

So, hopefully, this blogging habit goes on much longer with much lesser intervals in between. I’ve decided to keep my social media posts private as most of them are really just personal stuff and doesn’t need to be checked out and judged by the public eye. Keeping it real, simple, and classic (because classy is overrated, lol).