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Day 24: Websites are always a work in progress

Tue, Feb 7, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

My next big quest is setting up a minimal, user-friendly website. It’s not so much a goal as it is an ongoing process. Endless tweaking, coding, and designing. It’s never completely done. But that’s fine because everything else in this world is a process anyway. Speaking of websites, I’d like to talk about the basic elements that are always a work in progress. I mean, these elements are evolving and tweaking as often as we ourselves evolve and tweak in our day-to-day activities.


Design always depends on the designer’s personality. If design were to reflect the audience, then the audience should have been the designer in the first place. I clearly don’t know much about marketing but I think the most remarkable designs always reflect the person behind it.

Yeah, at some point, designers need to think about how their designs can improve sales or gain audiences. But I think that’s why they call it “user experience.” When it comes to designing websites, I’ve often struggled because I keep reading online about people advising to do this or do that or “this is what’s trendy in 2017.” Bitch, what if I’m free-styling? Or what if I want vintage even if it’s not trendy?

What if the kind of people I want to attract are exactly the kind of people I could relate and resonate with?

It’s different of course if you’re designing for someone else. But you get the point… right? Design according to taste. The right audience will follow.

User Experience

So user experience is a more generous way to design. At this point, you’re actually designing with the reader, user, or customer’s interest in mind. You want things to be convenient for them. And you want to lead them to your message. That’s cool, too.

Good user experience is like hiring a local to show you around a tourist spot.

That person will guide you through every nook and cranny of his place because he knows it like the back of his hands (cue Somewhere Only We Know song). User experience is lovely for those reasons. It’s generous. It’s thoughtful. It’s precisely the kind of person you’d wanna date. 😉


Now content is a very obvious “work-in-progress” thing. It changes as much as you change clothes everyday. When I think of content (or what content I want to put up next), I think of myself going out: What am I gonna wear? What’s my mood gonna be like? What’s my purpose for going? What’s the appropriate thing to wear so I could find something a little more rebellious? (Lol)

Content shouldn’t be a hassle.

It’s supposed to be one of the most exciting phases about going out. It’s the prep time and it’s the time when you can use your skills to style or (un)accessorize to your heart’s content. No need to pretend at this stage. Dress and come as you are.

Everyday I ask myself, how can I improve my website? Granted, I have a million tiny elements I want to add. Let’s just say, if I put out all of my website ideas on the actual site, I would break my hosting server’s memory limit. But really, when I think about it, I don’t need all the features in the world. They’re fancy, yes, but they’re very often unnecessary. The smart move would be to think about the basics, add personality, tweak a little, love more.