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Day 3: It looks like failure but it’s not

Fri, Oct 7, 2016 | Read in 3 minutes

When you look at your life, and when you reflect on the things that happened today, it can sometimes feel like you’ve failed one way or the other. But you haven’t. Some things are meant (or not meant) to happen. And that’s okay.

You know why? Because, in order to learn, we need to “fail” once in a while.

Failure. I despise the word. Seriously, it sounds very negative, like nothing good would ever come out of it. (Wait, was that supposed to be the definition of failure?)

Yesterday I was supposed to publish this Day 3 post for Isla Notes. But I wasn’t able to write anything for this blog at all. I was so busy tackling both my freelance work and some new online project ideas that I simply forgot to find time to write a post on here. I wasn’t able to slow down or, to put it another way, I had failed to slow down to re-think my priorities.

Except I didn’t fail.

I just skipped a day. But I can continue today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I mean, why fuss over one minuscule instance of a mistake? There’s so much more that can happen if I tried to recover than if I stayed where I was. 🙂

Nothing is a failure. Everything is a learning opportunity.

When you commit a mistake, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. But honestly, I did feel down after I realized I forgot to post yesterday. I was disappointed and angry at myself. Nice, Ellie, nice way to show you could never commit to anything for long.

But then I stopped dead in my tracks.

How can I say such a thing when I know I’m capable of so much more than one mistake? It’s shitty, yes, but it also made me realize–more than anything–that I was finally learning to commit more than I wanted to miss out.

Baby steps? I say, that was a giant leap for Ellie Non-committment Syndrome! (Yep, I made up that disease just now.)

Work anyway.

Work anyway. Work for yourself. Work for your dreams. Work for that one person or group of people (ahem, family) who mean the world to you! No point in dwelling in the past. And no point in pointing fingers. Just keep working because, in the end, we always reap what we sow.

Just a little tip. If you’re like me and you love hoarding Google Chrome tabs while surfing the interwebs, consider OneTab. Before this post, there were 26 open tabs in my browser (of which I’m not even sure where all of that came from). But, yes, using a simple Chrome extension like OneTab does the trick, productivity-wise. I’m not affiliated in any way with them but I just thought you might find it useful–you know, for when things get crazy online. 😉