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Day 36: What it feels like to create everyday

Fri, May 26, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

Can we talk about moments when we just feel out of ourselves?

When the energy that so many people try to project–especially online–is upbeat, optimistic, and enthusiastic, where do we stand when we feel otherwise?

What do we do when almost everything goes down into that little hellhole we fondly call insecurity?

As you can imagine, it can all go downhill from there.

And what about hope?

What about perseverance?

It all gets muddled into this seemingly confusing haze of mind-numbing uncertainty.

But as for this blog, I need to find hope–to believe that, yes, I can finish this.

And mind you, creating everyday isn’t a piece of cake (but if it were, the whole cake would be long gone by now as I could’ve eaten it all on my own).

Nevertheless, a few thoughts I’d like to share on this endeavor…

So this is how it feels to be able to write everyday.

It’s invigorating!

I see what all the commotion is about finding time to do what you love most, finding time for creating.

You constantly have to be on the lookout after the latest inspiration for your work. You’re like a one-woman (or man) research team, endlessly committed to searching for that piece of idea that can spark a million other ideas like light bulbs turning on everywhere. 💡💡💡

But it’s creatively exhausting and, because I do it everyday, I try to find time to rest everyday too.

In other words, I’m living and creating one day at a time. Always trying to stay active. Always on the lookout although never quite sticking to a schedule.

You know how they say you have to curate your own inspiration because it will not come out on its own? True  story, that.

And as much as I find joy in creating, my own humanity also beckons me to feed a few insecurities. Sounds familiar?

I believe we face challenges like insecurities and fears everyday as well as highlights like inspiration, creativity, and sometimes, even a spark of genius.

No one day is perfect.

That’s why I keep giving myself permission not only to do what is good but also to accept what is bad.

Following those insecure instincts? I permit myself that but to an extent. I don’t just blindly scroll through social media anymore only to pick at other people’s weaknesses. At some point, the first impression would be to judge, and I let myself do that too.

BUT. I put in a counter thought for every bad reaction.

Yes, she’s so pretty, BUT she’s not just that, she’s more than her face. She might be a really diligent worker and a wonderful daughter/ parent, too. She might have projects that stimulate her own creativity, too. She’s human like me.

Yes, he’s so adventurous BUT I don’t need to feel bad because someone is already doing something I was hoping to do, too. That’s his journey, not mine. And he might be experiencing other insecurities in his own life that I don’t have a clue about.

Little things and little thoughts that I try to change everyday not because I want to be “better” BUT because I want to be more aware… not just of myself but of others as well who live in the same earth that I walk on.

How about you, what’s your take about finding inspiration and working on your creativity everyday? Let me know in the comments.