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Day 38: Resting is hard when we love our work

Sun, May 28, 2017 | Read in 2 minutes

Can you relate to the title?

I sure can.

And while it’s not healthy to keep on working without resting, it also feels so damn good to be able to work on the things we love.

And I mean really love, to the point that you burn yourself out.

Working to meet other people’s expectations isn’t even in question. You are _literally_ just passionate about what you do and can’t stop doing it.

Yes, I’ve been there. And sometimes, it can be mentally exhausting. Draining. It can sometimes even bring you into that awful place they call mental block.

Vicious, right?

I know. You can’t love and not suffer. (Getting too deep? That’s how I like it. LOL.)

You can’t just continue moving and creating until you run out of juice.

You have to love yourself, too.

You have to go out, too.

There are other people close to you, too, who need you to spend some time with them.

I guess that’s why we have rest days like Sundays. Even the calendar urges you to rest.

But why is it sometimes difficult to shut down for a sec?

Because you’re tied in to the work you’re doing? Because you just have to do that one more little thing? Because it was all you could ever hope for to spend your days writing or engaging in whatever creative activities you have?

Again, people need you.

Much better, you need them. You need them because you’re human. And you need to have that connection you feel when you’ve talked to another person. The kind of talk where the conversation feels like it was all there was left on earth to do.

Because that connection can sustain you. And once you go back to that thing you love doing, you’re back renewed, creatively revitalized, and with more energy to give.