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Day 46: Good followers can be good leaders

Thu, Jun 29, 2017 | Read in 3 minutes

Sometimes, I tend towards the superficial side and follow influencers based on their visual branding. Seriously, good visuals stand out. Period.

Content is a different story, though. But the more I’ve discovered interesting people and brands online, the more I noticed how the most cohesive visual brands often come together with great content. (Although, I usually base this premise on their websites and NOT their social media accounts.)

This isn’t to say that those with not-so-great visuals don’t have good (written) content. There are lots of other brands that focus on plain writing but really go a long way with it.

Perhaps the reason why well-designed brands also produce great content is because the person/ people behind the brand has meticulously thought over several aspects of their business. That’s important, too.

If what you’re after is a brand that can easily attract visual people, going big on visuals has to be your thing. If, on the other hand, you prefer readers and blog enthusiasts, then the focus must be on content.

Either way, good brands make for great communities. And you might be one of those who are following some great brands. But isn’t it not that when you follow other influencers, thought leaders, and brands in general, you diminish your potential for being a good leader?

I beg to disagree because good leaders are also good followers. And good followers can become great leaders.

At some point in our personal heroes’ lives, they’ve also tried following another person, which possibly contributed to their abilities as a leader.

Following is leading yourself towards a set of characteristics and beliefs that you find fits well with both you and the person of your interest.

I’ve learned the term synergy from Stephen Covey. And although I’m aware it sounds like overly used jargon in the business world, I’ve only recently appreciated how it is defined, which is the cooperation and coordination of two (or more) individuals to build something that is more than what an individual ever could.

That was enlightening. I realized then that I didn’t have to be alone ALL the time when it came to slaying my own goals. I just had to find someone with similar beliefs and goals whom I could work with.

A leader cannot lead without followers just as much as a follower cannot follow without leaders. Every person has potential and everyone of us has a role we can either choose to fulfill or otherwise. We do have the choice both to lead and follow. And it’s not so much about the stereotypes of prestige when leading or signs of weakness when following. It’s simply a choice you make (to lead or follow) relative to what season you’re going through with your life, your business, or your goals. Roles don’t define you but your choices, somehow, do.