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Day Fourteen: Extend Your… What?

Thu, Oct 22, 2015 | Read in 2 minutes

It did say “Extend Your Brand” but, the thing is, I am not a brand. I am a person and I just wanna write. So… I don’t think I’m good for anything much on this challenge. The best I can do about extending my “brand” is to use a photo of myself… And why not? I am my own “brand” after all.

Funny, the way I thought about “branding” a person is the same as the priests who were brutally branded in Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons. That was a great book, by the way, with a lot of great ambigrams that I almost mistakingly was going to write here as ”anagrams.” As my favorite artist Jason Mraz said, it’s all about the word play!

Anyhoo, we’re almost done with the Blogging 101 challenges! Yay! After three months and forty-five years for a challenge which was supposed to be accomplished in several days! This is just splendid news, I tell you. The fact that I even bothered myself to finish it makes a huge difference in my life. Can you feel my eyes rolling? That’s right. It’s that exciting! And the best part is, I’m the only one who will celebrate because I am the only one who got this far after the deadline!

Lovin’ it though. 😉

(Featured photo by Green Chameleon)