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Day Nine: Happy Travels

Sun, Aug 30, 2015 | Read in 2 minutes

In choosing which comments from the previous task I was going to use for this post, I didn’t have to think much. Yes, the field of beauty and fashion means a lot to me and is important, for me, on several levels. But the post that hit the bullseye for me was the one by Nihar Pradhan from Makeup & Breakup, where he talks about writing, traveling, and photography.

As I’ve mentioned in my comment on his post, writing has always been by my side. This is probably because writing is quite an accessible activity and doesn’t involve as much resources as photography and/ or traveling. But even so, I still wonder about photography and traveling in my daydreams, hoping someday I could experience that positive feeling of a new city/ town/ history/ culture and capture all of these ever so personally from the camera’s lens.

I may have been fortunate to have had a brush of such an experience (the traveling-writing-photography combination) a few years ago…

During my pageant days, in addition to some other prizes, the other winners and I were also awarded an all-expense paid trip to Baguio City and Manila. It was quite an exciting three-to-four days for me and I got to discover new sights and meet new people. I think it was one of the best perks of attending that contest.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to repost from my old blog just to rekindle those happy memories and share it here on Ellie for the Road:

  <small>(<em>Featured photo from <a href="">João Silas</a></em>)</small>