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Deploying Hugo on GitLab Pages

Mon, Nov 5, 2018 | Read in 1 minutes

  1. Fork the Hugo repository
  2. In your projects’s settings, do the following:
    1. Go to Settings >> General >> Advanced then Remove fork relationship
    2. Go to Settings >> General >> Advanced then Rename Repository. Make changes accordingly.
    3. Optional: For modifying project details.
      Go to Settings >> General >> General Project
      1. Change Project Description to reflect your site’s URL for easier access
      2. Add tags or change the default Hugo avatar
    4. Optional: For changing project visility to Private.
      Go to Settings >> General >> Permissions
      • Change to Project visibility to Private
  3. Edit config.toml (in Repository >> Files)
    1. Make sure to change baseurl to your site’s URL
    2. Save changes.
  4. Wait for Commit status to say “Passed”
  5. Visit your site’s URL to check if project site is online and running.