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Do You Love Your Work?

Tue, Nov 28, 2006 | Read in 2 minutes

It is quite not usual for people who are my age to work in an office like I do. There has been a lot of complications along the way as to how I ended up here but I’m really happy that they accepted me. Working has taught me a lot. Responsibility. Initiative. Guts. Wisdom. And perhaps, faith.


Now, I have to stop work in December. That will give me a lot of time to rest. But then, that would also mean I have to miss trying to wake up early in the morning and think about what I’m gonna do next in the office. Or, talking intelligent, money-wise stuff with Ate Beth. Or, hearing Ate Lei’s craziest side comments. Or, just plainly sitting in a corner, sighing, thinking about how it all made sense to me.

The fact and the importance of it all is that I loved my work. Admidst our busy minds and despite the Mt. Everest peak of pending workloads, I loved it. It’s something I can be proud of. Because I did it… and did it well. And even though I inevitably have flaws, I think it’s all part of the package to make mistakes.

I loved my work not just because of the people and things involved, but because I gave justice to it by saving myself the aweful guilt of idleness. Man has intellect. Man is a worker.