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Find pockets of time to create

Sun, Sep 13, 2020 | Read in 4 minutes

When you’re days are filled with responsibilities, it seems like you aren’t capable of doing anything else. If you’re a content creator, you might get overwhelmed with managing how your day goes. I have been there, too.

This is what I did to find pockets of time to create content while being a mom:

1 | Create a schedule

You can do this with either or both digital and physical calendars. For the sake of convenience, we will go with digital ones.

I use a service called Fruux for my calendars and I sync all of it on all my devices (iPhone, Android, and MacBook). You may already be using the calendar app on your phone or Google Calendar and that’s a great first step!
The next thing you can do is to schedule in the hours when you would take certain actions towards your goals.

My calendar looks like waking up at 9am (I know, I am not an early riser at the moment). And then, doing a form of guided meditation, journaling, listening to manifestation podcasts and audio-recorded challenges, and then choosing a crystal for the day. I usually choose amethyst these days for creativity and I put it on as a necklace.

Your schedule might look a lot different than mine especially if you’re a new mom or you are still studying or have a full time job. Make sure to put in first all the necessary things to do (like work and study and baby’s sleep and feeding times) before blocking off times for creating content, strategizing, and research.

2 | Compromise and adjust

If you are living with a partner, it also helps to ask him for his work schedule so you can allocate time to spend with each other. Never underestimate the power of quality time. Time is the only resource we can’t get back so invest them wisely in the people and things you care about the most.

I used to allocate so much time for infant care when my kid was still a baby since babies naturally need a lot of attention. Now she’s a toddler, she still needs attention. Lol. However, I leave her to do independent play whenever I need to do something else or her dad takes her out every now and then.

3 | Stick to the schedule

Discipline when it comes to schedule is necessary in order to find true freedom. I know it sounds a little rigid but, trust me, it doesn’t have to be.

One of the main advantages of sticking to a schedule is that you have something to look forward for at the beginning of your day. It eliminates the anxiety of not knowing what to do with your time and then just going back to bed and doing what feels comfortable in the moment.

I used to be like that. But now that I’ve set up a little bit of structure during my day, I find myself becoming more and more productive and, most especially, appreciative of every single day and hour that I have.

4 | Block in times for self-care

The secret to loving your calendar schedule is to block in the times for your self-care. Now self-care might look very different (or the same) for each of us and that’s okay.

My self-care tends to involve chai (or hot black tea with milk and honey), journaling, meditating, yoga, and learning. (I know, it is basic millennial shit. Lol.)

For you, self-care might mean getting your nails or hair done, or a relaxing massage, or some quiet time to read a physical book.

Whatever it is, schedule it in and make sure to allocate an hour at least for caring for yourself because this does go a very long way into helping you feel more enthusiastic and energized about your day.

For someone who values freedom more than anything, I am so glad I decided to learn to stick to my schedule. It means I don’t need to feel guilty about what I did with my day. It means I am excited at the beginning of the day, knowing I have things I love to do. That is true freedom, to be able to decide and manifest how your day goes, while being in the energy of love.