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Things to Consider When Making Macro and Micro Goals

Tue, May 5, 2020 | Read in 8 minutes

Now coffee and creative productivity is one thing but alignment is another.

Before my coffee-induced batch writing sprint, I delved into what my big picture goals were for the content I was creating. As modern multi-passionates, we are often prone to doing things in the moment. The projects that are calling out to us are as tempting as that social media app waiting for you to tap into on your phone.

Using whatever resources you have at hand to keep creating is a wonderful thing, but what really sets your work apart from the usual projects you may have is its ability to have consistency even after the novelty wears off.

This is when you’re able to build on the foundation and keep creating in line with your goals from the general vision of where you want your project/ idea/ business to go down to the little daily decisions that inch you closer to your goals.

Here are some of the ways you and me both can consider when making long term and short term goals:

1 | Intentions for future you

Who do you really aim to be? Who is the ideal, highest version of you? Now I’ll just take on a little tangent here and mention my studies from my Nursing degree. You probably already know about Abraham Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. As you may know, it’s a pyramid that starts at the base with basic physiological needs going up towards self-actualization.

In a perfect world, we are all self-actualized. But this isn’t a perfect world and, most probably, self-actualization is not a one-time event. It’s a daily process.

Now why am I talking about a pyramid and basic needs and self-actualization? Because the path from knowing who you want to be (your future identity, if you will) towards actually reaching that destination is a journey that starts with making sure you have your bases covered first.

Asking yourself real-life questions based on which stages of the pyramid you feel like you have covered is crucial to helping you get where you want to be.

Remember, it’s not just about transforming yourself to a specific kind of person. It is about growth and the understanding that life isn’t so linear after all.

How can you work on that project on the side little by little?

—elaine aquino

You may be at a time when accomplishing a major project for you is not yet “practical” because… bills and… well, bills. Then maybe the question to ask is: How can you work on that project on the side little by little?

Moments ago, I was listening to a podcast and it got me thinking of how I see myself 6 months from now and then one year from now. That energized me to the core.

I was washing dishes then and cleaning up the sink but I felt a surge of energy inside me once I pictured out where I would be as future me. And so even though the task before me seemed menial, I felt like it was a necessary step (yes, washing dishes is necessary lol) before I am pulled towards the actualization of my goals. I was actually happy then to do what I was doing (yes, very much happy washing the dishes, thank you).

Granted, I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity and the pockets of time to pursue creating content right now. I like to think the lower bases of my hierarchy of needs have been covered. Now it’s time for me to work on what brings me joy: helping, supporting, and inspiring other multi-passionates with my content.

You could do this same intentions for future you. Know that there is abundance in store for you and me when we take time to visualize and set intentions while also make sure our needs are being met.

2 | Feeling into future you

Now that you have an idea of the best, most awesome version of you, feel what it feels like to be that person NOW. I know this seems kind of woo-woo. It might certainly well be the case. But this method for sure helps me with conjuring up all the energy I need to act on my dreams now.

I honestly wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t try to feel into future me and what she would be doing. She would be writing. She would be a mindful, intentional parent and partner. She would be helping and supporting fellow modern multi-passionates and creatives with their dreams too. She is a frickin’ badass.

I am a badass. You are a badass. Say it like you mean it and believe that who you are in the future is who you are now.

I do believe that this exercise will take us to our goals even faster than if we doubted ourselves. The best way to increase net worth is always to increase self-worth first and foremost.

Abundance doesn’t discriminate with time. Whether it’s in the future or now, it’s there waiting for you to acknowledge, accept, and receive it.

3 | Getting all your goals together

Now that you’ve got a vision of future you and future you is in the present, you have much more clarity to try to get all your goals together.

As I’ve said before, you don’t have to go after each and every passion you have and work on all of them at the same time. Of course, freedom without limits is just not as exciting. So we need to, as I’ve said before, stick to our priorities and focus.

There are a few tools already at our disposal like apps, notebooks and pens, or vision boards and white boards or even the very wall you have in your bedroom. It’s up to you.

Here’s my recommendation for listing macro to micro goals:

  1. List down all the roles of future you whom you visualized earlier.
  2. Next to each role, list down all the big tasks that she would have to do to be that kind of person.
  3. For each big task, list down what you have to do every day to accomplish that big-ass task.

This is how you go from big picture to micro tasks.

Now it’s just a matter of setting possible due dates and times for each micro task so you can continue to work on them everyday with intention.

And if you forget why you’re doing all this in the first place? Remember that future you is right here, right now. She’s not idling around wondering what the next activity is. She knows what she needs to do everyday and she puts in the work because someday, the Universe or Fate or God will look down on her and say, “Yep, she’s ready to receive all the fruits of her labor now.” 🙂

When I started this journey of online content, I felt like I moved one step forward and four steps backward. It has never been the case that I simply aced each level until I got here where I am all aligned and ready to help others.

The last time I batch wrote like I do now was about 8 months ago. After which, I just wrote here and there. But obviously I didn’t stop. In fact, I’m still here writing this in the hopes that you can resonate with this kind of story.

You see, it’s not about finishing each level then graduating. Life as a multi-passionate creative, especially, is nothing like school at all. Complexity is the name of the game.

But complexity isn’t always bad especially if you’ve set your intentions into producing simple actions. Goal setting for modern multi-passionates and creatives can take shape in many, many forms. We are after all not constrained by conventional strategies. In fact, we make our own.

So I am trusting you to make the best choice for you. All of the goal setting series I have is for you to consider and see if it works for you. But if you feel like you gotta tweak things here and there, I am all for it because I understand and respect and honor our unique idiosyncrasies. I totally, totally get it.

In accomplishing BIG [different] dreams little by little, goal setting is an important step. But more importantly, setting an intention for a life that is aligned to your core strengths and values goes hand in hand with setting goals. Through time, I’ve learned that leaning into my strengths is the most valuable thing I could do for me. It’s not worth dimming your light so others can shine. It’s not worth conforming to cultural norms if that’s not who you are. And that’s okay. I believe in the goodness of you and of the difference you want to make. And if I believe in you, you have to believe in you, too, because you are the one who’s going to bring all your goals to reality. It’s only a matter of time.