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Grateful For the Process

Fri, Feb 1, 2019 | Read in 4 minutes

I don’t think I have ever felt as passionate about my goals as I have this year. Granted, it’s only the beginning and I do have a tendency to tweak a lot as I go. Nonetheless, 2019 seems a fairly good start. Things might change along the way but, right now, optimism and doing the work are all I have.

There are still so many instances when I am frustrated with managing my time. Starting a new family is both exhilirating and daunting. I have learned to say, “It’s okay” and “Little by little” through challenging days.

I have found that resistance to emotions only makes things worse. So I take everything in and accept and acknowledge how I feel. From there, I just simply let it go.

Below, the updates I have for this month organized into each area I want to improve on.


My goal is simply to right at least 2 blog posts a month: one in the middle and one at the end. This has been going well so far. I know I could achieve more if I write more frequently but I find consistency is key to doing sustainable work.


My journey through web development is perhaps the most exciting goal I have this year. I love coding! But, just as with anything in life, one doesn’t always “feel” like doing the things they supposedly “love” everyday. I tackle this by doing them anyway. The “little by little” mantra is a big help in this department as it diminishes the pressure of expectation, giving me more space and ease into what I am trying to do and accomplish.

So far, I have finished my very first coding project under Responsive Web Design. My hands can’t wait to create Project No. 2 out of 180. 😍


I have to say I’m not quite as regular and as persistent with my yoga practice than before. But I did manage to squeeze in some sun salutations and full sequences here and there throughout this month.

Below, the times I practiced yoga.

monthly yoga practice calendar

Recording Processes

If the calendar image above looks familiar, that’s because I am using Asana to log my processes. I have another “project” for logging my mood and another for logging my work. I know Asana is typically used for team collaborations and project management, but I use it for logging instead of planning. I like that it syncs my tasks across all devices. Besides, making specific plans don’t work for me anyway.

Miscellaneous Goals

Some additional/ persistent goals (as if I don’t have enough already) are/ have been to learn French, read the Bible daily, and listen to at least one book on Audible. My miscellaneous goals are not so much to overachieve anything as they are meant to distract me from idling on social media. That said, I still do use Instagram, Twitter, and–every now and then–Facebook Messenger to reply to messages.

Below, my progress.

Books marked in bold are my current favorites. 🎧💟


This January I’ve learned to keep things slow and steady. Having a new baby has changed me forever. I now truly value patience though it is something I’m not perfectly able to apply. I don’t know what the future holds or if my current momentum might gradually fade away throughout the year. But I do know that, right now, I am grateful that I get to do all this and more. ❤️