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Habits That Help Shape Your Day

Sun, Jul 11, 2021 | Read in 4 minutes

I stopped smoking.

In my early 20s, I learned how to smoke. I was so excited to learn to smoke because I thought it was cool! (Hahah, now that’s stupid.)

And I stopped.

I stopped because I felt like it was hindering my freedom. I stopped because I listened to The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr and that shifted my perspective. I stopped because smoking no longer served me.

And I added good habits.

I meditate almost everyday. I journal, pull out oracle cards. I have a favoite yoga flow.

All that to say I’m still not perfect.

Although I am proud of myself for stopping smoking, there are things like being a night owl that is a continuous battle for me.

And that’s okay.

You get to be happy about your improvement, period. And you get to create more good habits everyday that help you feel better and more intentional, too.

Just like the practices I mentioned above, here are a couple of habits I recommend that can help shape your day.

1. Wake up and keep calm

What are you thinking as you wake up? Is there some sort of anxiety looming over your head like a dark thought bubble? Do you feel super grumpy?

First of all, acknowledge those feelings. And then, say to yourself, I’m safe. It’s okay to feel this way and I still approve of myself. It is safe to be and feel.

Louise Hay suggested the following affirmation: “I calm my thoughts and I am serene.

And if that doesn’t resonate with you, you can create your own empowering words that wake you up and set your intentions every day.

2. Finding a feeling of safety when you rise and before you sleep

In relation to acknowledging your feelings, establishing a feeling of safety also helps shape the way you think and feel about your day.

Hold space for yourself and others to feel and be safe.

3. Creating pillar habits that set the intention for your day

My pillar habits are meditation, oracle cards, crystals, and journaling as soon as I wake up. This is my form of prayer and connection to the Divine. And we all have different ways to practice our own spirituality.

Depending on your own belief system, making time for these grounding practices can really help remind you that you are not going at this alone. That you are Divinely guided and, because of that, anything can be possible!

The concept of anything being possible can be polarizing. You could see this from a negative light, but at the same time, you can also leverage this to your advantage.

Your goals, your desires, everything you’ve ever wanted are possible! You don’t have to know it all. I believe what we really need to do is listen to what our hearts are saying. I believe our hearts are the best guiding systems for creating an intentional day and an intentional life.

4. Designing affirmations to show up during various times of your day

For a couple of years now, I’ve been setting my favorite affirmations as alarms on my phone. You could do this too or implement your affirmations visually somewhere you can see them everyday.

You might have already set this up for yourself in various ways, i.e. as phone and desktop wallpapers, phone alarms, and other visual media. And that’s good!

A bonus tip and challenge I have for you would be to see these words that you’ve chosen to see everyday and feel gratitude and faith that they are the truest things ever for you for at least a minute.

5. Listening to your heart moment by moment

As I’ve said, our hearts are a great guiding system for being more intentional about our days.

And for when times feel icky and difficult and overwhelming, stop for a moment and ask yourself what it is you really need right now.

You get to do this moment by moment. You get to listen to your body and your heart as much as you desire.

I hope these habits and tips help you shape and transform your day so you don’t only feel better, but so you take more aligned action towards becoming and being the version of you that you get to be now.

Remember, it’s okay to not do all of this all at once everyday for the rest of your days. You get to tweak your habits as you see fit!

You get to enjoy your life and not let routines get in your way.

You get to fill your days with heart-led fulfillment. And you get to acknowledge the present feelings along the way, too.