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Happy Birthday to Me

Tue, Dec 12, 2006 | Read in 1 minutes

So, today is my birthday and I am shamelessly greeting myself in this shameless little post of mine.

I’m happy to say I’ve reached my seventeenth year still as crazy-minded as I ought to be. I hope this will be a good day today. I thought it would be more interesting to post photos today, but I guess I’ll do them tomorrow

Birthday Pic(I mean, later in the daytime since it’s just 1:00 AM). Then, I also plan to post another video tomorrow… heehee… The Internet is my little playground, a testing ground for the crazy stuff I do before I implement it for worldwide domination. And there goes my craziest line for the day! 😉

Sincerely, I hope you have a good day and I wish everyone a merry Christmas in advance. Be good, Santa’s on his freakin way to your Christmas tree! 🙂 (Balconies aren’t very popular here since there’s no snow.)