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How I Handled Mid-May

Sat, May 25, 2019 | Read in 3 minutes

I am literally sick while writing this. I’d like to say that the rest of the year of my journey towards Coding, Writing, and Yoga are going well. But, this May, things slowed down pretty dramatically.

For one thing, my mom was here for a couple of weeks. For another, my daughter celebrated her first birthday at the end of May. All the pressure and stress were taking a toll on me and I guess I should say I expected this sickness to conjure itself and settle on me for a few days. Also, I almost always get sick this time of the year (thanks, Instagram, for reminding me this 2 years ago *wink wink*).

Without further ado (as I always say every month lol)…


My instances were pretty good during the first half of May. I really do try to put in the time for learning because it takes a while to refresh my memory if I stop doing things for too long. Glad to say that I am now at Object Oriented Programming and surprised that I found it not as difficult as I thought it would. OOP is pretty understandable in my book. So that’s good news.


As for writing, I am awfully late in posting this. A few months back, I would be delayed by three days and that would still be fine. But now, it’s almost the end of May that I’m writing this… so… I’ll leave it at that.


From May 1st to the 15th, I practiced a total of two times. That’s right. And I guess I should say that was okay but still… this honestly is the slowest month for me thus far. In addition to yoga, I’ve recently been back to dancing. Not that I’m a pro. It’s just me copying steps from videos I find on YouTube, is all.


Sick or not sick, I still really like and want to move my body. Being stationary during illness just worsens the feeling. So I keep myself busy and try to sweat it out to let my body know that I’m not having it. Lol. And also, I practice calming my mind whenever I’m very stressed. I would step back, look at the situation in general and claim to myself that it’s okay and I just need to chill. It works. Has worked every time I did it, I’m glad to say. And now… approximately one week after all those personal activities, I’m back with my momentum and feeling good albeit being sick. No matter how many times we fall, it’s the standing up back again that really matters, right?