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How Rebel Tendencies Create Habits

Sun, Mar 3, 2019 | Read in 5 minutes

One thing you have to know about Rebels?

We hate expectations.

We don’t like people telling us what to do and we don’t like telling ourselves what to do.

Some might think people with Rebel tendencies are hopeless. How on earth are we supposed to create habits then?

The short answer: we don’t.

The long answer requires a little more reflection into the definition of tendency and how this affects our perception of habit making.

What Tendency Means for You

Without opening a dictionary, you would know that a tendency is something we lean towards or a characteristic we typically identify ourselves with.

However one puts it, a tendency is not the be-all-end-all of who we are as humans.

I think we are much more complex and changeable based on the stories we have held and/ or still hold onto.

How do we see ourselves in the general story of life? Are we the victim, hero, or something in between? And will this story that we associate with be enough to hold our hands in the air and say, “Nope, I can’t change me because this is who I am.” Or will it force us to reconsider, “What if there is so much more to life than obsessing over habits? What if, through clarity and action, we are able to change ourselves and the habits will follow?”

Because the thing is: only you can definitely know what is right for you.

Like me, you might have a Rebel tendency but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick to a few things once you’re clear about the usefuleness of such things in your life.

So I say, forget thinking about the limitations that come with having whatever tendency you have and just do what you must in order to attain and sustain the life you want.

On to February updates:

Waking Up and Sleeping Earlier

This month I planned to wake up and sleep earlier. And just like all my plans to do this in previous years, I failed to do so consistently.

And that’s okay.

Below, my log for waking up and sleeping earlier…

Anything before 12 noon I counted as a good thing. I usually woke up just around 10AM to 11.30AM. I could see this as a bad thing if I compared it to a 5AM wakeup time. But knowing me, trust me, this is an improvement. 😜

I do code at night from 12AM to 3AM. So that explains why I find it hard to wake up earlier. But also shows me where I could improve.

I have learned from February that failure is just one way to know that something isn’t right. And therefore, something else could be done about it. Even though I wasn’t able to create the habit of waking up regularly early, I did learn that I do need a full 8 hours of sleep in order to function well (even if it’s just broken sleep because we have a new baby), so…).

Now I just have to figure out a way to create a more structured day so that by 10pm, I’m sleepy. 😬

And, as for the coding-writing-yoga goals…


The Responsive Web Dev projects have been going well. Now at the last project: a personal portfoilo page.

I still get anxiety over how I want my personal portfolio to look like. This stems from my need to be perfect and it consequently creates a paralysis on my part because I want to implement so much.

But I know I just have to start coding and just let the page take its course. You can’t improve on something you haven’t started, right?


On the writing side… I guess, if I would count my posts on my Instagram, I could say I’ve really been trying hard to squeeze in some written content.

At the moment, I am writing on a multi-platform notes app by Automattic called, Simplenote.

Few things I love about Simplenote:

  1. Efficient. It syncs seamlessly on iPhone, Android, and desktop.
  2. Light with features. Only the essentials for note taking functionality are included.
  3. Supports markdown. This is a big plus since I write my posts in markdown.

I do use whatever I have near me to write because, if I wait for the right moment when I will be peacefully sitting at the computer on my own doing deep, meaningful work, I will be waiting all my life.


Maybe just until this baby becomes more independent. (And even then I know I would be missing our clingy moments when she grows up. *heart breaking piece by piece*)


I hate admitting it but yoga has been the least of my priorities in February. I know it shouldn’t be but at least I squeezed in a few minutes of stretches here and there during the month.


If anything, I discovered during the second month of 2019 that I can’t simply ignore my personality traits when it comes to creating habits but I also can’t let other people box me into a category or label and just leave it at that. I do believe people go through all this research to try and discover various traits that generally describe humans and their common characteristics. And their discoveries have been great because now we know where our strengths and weaknesses lie. But honestly, at the end of the day, you always have a choice: will you let the labels define you or will you set your own definition of you?