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Lust, But Not Least

Sat, Feb 5, 2011 | Read in 3 minutes

The madness driven by lust can overwhelm even the most disciplined minds. Lust is not a thought that can be corrected but a feeling that has to be controlled. Lust is like a natural instinct that gives a form of pleasure higher than imagined. It is raw- almost barbaric- with no sense of limitation. It creates fantasies and sometimes illusions of the fulfillment of being human. Most of all, lust is the most tempting reason for not having any other reasons at all. Just go with the instincts- never think, just feel.

Image from Cafir/ Deviant Art

Everything else would have been perfect if it were not for consequences.

We are aware of these- consequences, responsibilities, reputation- but some of us stray because we mistake passion for that one sinful entity, that big L word that doesn’t stand for Love anymore.

Is pleasure such a bad thing? Fundamentally, it isn’t. But achieving pleasure through ways that make you no different than an animal apparently is. There is a thin line between what makes you happy and what makes you happy for now. Pleasure, lust, sex, and scandals do not last longer than their consequences. They remain short-term and temporary, whereas the effects linger even when you think it’s over.

In the context of lust, consequence is a hindrance to freedom because it deprives us of our choice to do what makes us happy and gives us an identity. But these are not just rules that we’d just love to break or standards of morality that we don’t believe logical. It’s about us and how we respect our being human- how we value intellect above all things. Maybe it’s not even about reputation; reputation is merely how others think of you. But how do you think of yourself? Do you ever think of yourself at all? Sometimes, it can be all too easy to act and forget about the person who is the source of the action. Sometimes we allow ourselves to indulge in sin hoping for it to make us more human in the end.

We are human. We don’t need to prove that; we need to value it.

There is that learned trait in us to serve. The main point perhaps is not to constantly put others before ourselves but to recognize that we value ourselves so much that we want others to do the same. Maybe that is why we serve- to make others acknowledge, appreciate, accept their value.

Lust is an animal instinct that is built on aimless pleasure. Often it lures and we fail to recognize it until it takes over us. But the choice to value intellect is a choice to discover genuine things- love, beauty, passion. It is a choice to be human.

Written June 9, 2009