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Monster Masquerade: Wrapped in Wrath

Sat, Oct 31, 2015 | Read in 1 minutes

The snoring sound

Was crystal clear

No one but she

Could clearly hear

The sound of her lover

Close by

The lover who promised her

A lie

While he was sober

He said, “There’s no one but you

That’s in my head”

She believed

And now she’s shattered

By the words

That she once thought flattered

She stood up

From their bed

Where her lover

Laid asleep

Unknowing of her intention

To avenge his filthy deed

She chose a knife

From their kitchen

Far from the sharpest, she thought

She went back

Towards her lover

In a deep slumber upon their cot

Her knife was not the sharpest

But her fury surely was

She resolved to leave her lover

A mark she also has

Her heart was cut open

Now it was his turn

She held the knife above him

And thought, he has to learn

She swiftly plunged her dagger

Beneath the cage

That sheltered his heart

She looked at him as if looking

At a sad piece of art

She smiled

Upon her lover

Who struggled in their bed

Her suffering

Was over

Now that her lover is dead

One dark piece of poetry coming up. For Poet Rummager and FlyTrapMan’s Halloween event.

(Featured photo by Ryan McGuire)