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On Waking Up and Sleeping Early

Thu, Feb 14, 2019 | Read in 3 minutes

Early is kind of a subjective notion for me. Early could be 4am, starting the day but with no sleep beforehand. Early could also be just before noon so that it’s technically still morning.

I’ve always had this problem before with time. (Read: I was always late.) But right now, I feel like I’m much more in control.

I can’t say that I’ve been super early consistently. But, I have tried a few times to really get up even when every bone in my body is telling me otherwise. I mean, little progress is still progress, right?

Wake up and sleep early

In February, I started the habit of “trying” to wake up and sleep earlier.

Now, I don’t know about the “sleeping earlier” part because I’ve been hard at work trying to fit in time to code in the middle of the night when everybody else is sleeping.

However, on the “waking up earlier” front, I’ve managed to track my process as shown below:

Yep. There have been at least three times in the past week that I slept in too late. But still, my excuse was that it was the weekend. I had to find a way to rest to because I easily get sick when I’m stressed. 🤕


Coding has been such an adventure! Of course, the sleepless nights were worth it. 😅

I am now at Project No. 4 for Responsive Web Design. I code and share my projects on CodePen and on my Instagram, too.


As promised, I have tried to write at least 2 blog posts a month. Now is the first half of the second month and I have been on schedule so far like a good blogger. 😉

Hopefully, this habit continues and, hopefully, I will have more time to write more blog posts on here in the future.


Yoga was a hit or miss this month. My plan was to do yoga/ exercise at least once a week and I seem to have achieved that goal. But I’d really like to practice yoga more regularly. For one thing, exercising gives me a great boost of energy throughout the day and, sometimes, for several days after that. It would be really beneficial if I got to do it at least every other day.


These days, I haven’t been able to learn French or complete more audiobooks. I am usually watching YouTube videos or adding web developer accounts on my Instagram feed during my free time. This is way more productive than mindlessly scrolling through news feeds, though. And way better for my peace of mind, too.

I also find, that if I ever really have to open up my social media accounts, it’s much more productive to set an intention first (i.e. remind myself what I came there for, do it, and then just log out). This way, I won’t waste any time on the “infinite” scroll.

I do get how technology has made communication more efficient, but I don’t necessarily agree that it has helped with enhancing human connection. Real human connection, that is. It can, however, facilitate the building of those connections by bringing people together online. But I do hope these online communities also make it a point to physically see each other somehow, someday. There is quite a difference with meeting someone over a video call versus meeting the same person in real life… I guess it’s just a little more special. 💖