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One at a Time

Sun, May 23, 2021 | Read in 3 minutes

Little by little

…was something I posted about some time ago.

And now I feel like we’re onto something when we take things one at a time.

Sure, there is some limit to the amount of time we have in a day.

And so we need to multitask every now and then.

But sometimes, focusing on just one thing at a time helps us, if not to re-affirm an abundance mindset when it comes to our time.

This past week I have been consuming, consuming—oh, and did I say it already?—consuming.

Not to say that I am guilting myself for it.

But to share that it is fine to do what feels right for you.

Too often we feel like we’re not “supposed to” do something because we are “expected to” do another.

I believe you are responsible for the things you want to prioritize, guilt and shame not required.

As much as we all would love to clean our homes and take care of the people around us 24/7, creative multipassionates like you and me also deserve to spend our time FOR US.

Not simply to take care of ourselves to take care of others. But to take care of us for us.

Some of the top things on my content consumption list would include: money management, personal development (in all key areas of life), web design/ web development, creative business, and so on.

And all these things are things I love the most.

These were once things I thought I wasn’t “supposed to” pursue. I was to be a nurse to serve my siblings' future, nothing more, nothing less.

But I switched paths in my mid-20s after leaving my two-year reception work in Dubai. I decided to go home and I decided it’s time to do things for me.

I never looked back since then.

I like my freedom now. And it’s ironic that the people who did not support me earlier are now the people who need that support from me and whom I support too. And that’s okay.

Forgiveness is not for the other person, so they say. Forgiveness is a gift for you, for your peace of mind. FOR YOU.

Put value in your work and in yourself, most of all.

That is why I always say this life is yours and yours to live only. If you spend it adhering to what people say all the time, you might not like the outcome. But if you free yourself and forgive the people who are also simply doing their best to the best of their ability, you might like what you become when you become better for it. Because you will. :)