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Outside – Where All The Fun Is (Supposed To Be)

Sat, Feb 13, 2010 | Read in 2 minutes

The minutes spent inside your room seems to be a waste of time. Always, there is something yet to do outside. It seems the world is waiting- beckoning- for us to come out and… live. Because you really cannot live in a room, hiding under a nutshell, secluding yourself from the rest of humanity.

Some people call it selfish, some call it drama, but still others call it depression. Whatever your reasons for hibernating in that sacred place you call your room, other people- extroverts- would label you “boring” for being their opposite. But define boring.

Once, twice, many times in your life, you might have debated about the truth of something or anything. There is no objective truth, only versions of the truth that people agree with. Therefore “boring” can be defined in many ways, tweaked even, to suit your own opinions.

Boring is when you fail to be fun. But boring is not the opposite of fun. The opposite of boring is optimism and fun, lack of creativity.

The things that you do that make life fun start from your head and not necessarily from where you are situated at the moment. Whether you are crouching in your bed alone or standing, talking in a crowded place, it only takes one positive thought to know where all the fun is.