Vlog Episode 5: Setting Your Own Boundaries

In this video, I talk about setting boundaries when you have a Rebel Tendency. When I say boundaries, I mean on things like mornings and sleep, exercise, values, etc. I hope you enjoy this vid and find it valuable! :) Thanks for watching! Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash Read more »

Episode 5: Setting Your Own Boundaries, Not What Society Expects of You

Today’s podcast is all about setting your own boundaries as a creative with a Rebel Tendency. It talks about mornings, time monitoring, exercises, and values. I hope you enjoy and, as always, you can leave a comment here or on SoundCloud. Do you also have a Rebel Tendency? How do you relate to boundaries when it comes to everyday living? Read more »

Setting your own boundaries, not what society expects of you

Boundaries are crucial if you want to be free. It’s a paradox, I know. Aren’t you supposed to have no limits at all when you’re talking about freedom? But freedom is such a wonderful thing once you learn how to use it responsibly and creatively. Some people use their freedom to talk unpleasantly about others and that’s just toxic. Read more »

Vlog Episode 4: Minimalism and not having much

Hey there! Minimalism seems a little bit trendy around the interwebs. Here’s my take on minimalism and how it may or may not affect your life and work. I hope you find this video useful. And please do share your thoughts and experiences on minimalism below or over on YouTube. Read more »