Setting your own boundaries, not what society expects of you

Boundaries are crucial if you want to be free. It’s a paradox, I know. Aren’t you supposed to have no limits at all when you’re talking about freedom? ButΒ freedom is such a wonderful thing once you learn how to use it responsibly and creatively. Some people use their freedom to talk unpleasantly about others and that’s just toxic. Read more »

Being a minimalist when you never had much to start with

Minimalism has become quite the trend. Around social media, in particular, you see desks that have close to nothing on them. People are now wearing clothes that have simpler designs or aren’t too loud. However, I think minimalism isn’t just a trend. It has existed for a long time, probably way before this decade. Read more »

The issues of hiding pain

Pain is subjective. Nurses assess pain in two ways: objective and subjective. And it’s all well and fine if the patient’s facial grimace shows visibly and obviously but how about otherwise? The issue of vulnerability Even though I haven’t read any of Brene Brown’s work yet (they’re still in my To Read list), I’ve known and experienced a few things about emotional pain and vulnerability like most of humanity. Read more »

What I learned from being chronically late

My adolescence was rough to say the least. Just before high school, my parents broke up. Our dad left. My mom was and still is a single mother who has supported us for most of our lives since then. It wasn’t the best time to be going through puberty. As for my siblings, not the best time for their childhood either. Read more »