March 31 Updates

The month of March found myself leaning back into my yoga practice. With a total of 9 sessions for last month, I think I might be doing something good for my body/ mental/ overall health here. At the very least, yoga helps me make more mindful decisions. Coding On my way to a Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification, which will approximately take me 300 hours to complete. Read more »

Notes for Mid-March

Coding March is such a hit or miss. I have been doing quite well with learning web dev almost every night. I’ve tried to do this in the mornings but it just doesn’t work for me. I’m confused if I have to keep going with what already works for me (coding at night) or if I should persist with changing my routines so everyone will benefit (coding in the morning before everyone else wakes up). Read more »

How Rebel Tendencies Create Habits

One thing you have to know about Rebels? We hate expectations. We don’t like people telling us what to do and we don’t like telling ourselves what to do. Some might think people with Rebel tendencies are hopeless. How on earth are we supposed to create habits then? The short answer: we don’t. Read more »

On Waking Up and Sleeping Early

Early is kind of a subjective notion for me. Early could be 4am, starting the day but with no sleep beforehand. Early could also be just before noon so that it’s technically still morning. I’ve always had this problem before with time. (Read: I was always late.) But right now, I feel like I’m much more in control. Read more »