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Episode 12: Training Yourself to Work Optimally

What should you do when every corporate job experience doesn’t seem to work out for you? The first thing is not to be so hard on yourself. If you really tried your best but it didn’t pan out the way you’d like, then you owe it to yourself to discover what you truly aim to be working on in life. Read more »

Episode 11: Rest and Relaxation for Rebel Tendencies

Sometimes, when you really love what you’re doing, you can’t help but NOT STOP. Here’s the thing, though. If you don’t stop, you’re not doing your body and mind any favors. It will burn you out at some point and we don’t want that for you if you really plan to see your goals through… right? Read more »

Episod 10: Why I Don’t Like Talking About Community

Hey there! It’s not that I don’t like being on a community or having friends at all. It’s just that talking about them is a different story for me. I think it’s much more fruitful to talk about ideas and actually plan some course of action that will make your future self thankful. Read more »