Hey beautiful! I hope you are doing well and healthy. For this week, I did not record a separate introduction for the podcast because I just am not in the right vibe to talk.

As you may be aware, in certain parts of the U.S., protests have been done to support the black community. It has been a sad couple of days recently as black lives were taken unnecessarily in the hands of certain police authorities.

As influencers and creators mute their posts on social media from June 1-7 in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement, I have decided (even in my currently tiny platform) to use it in my own sensitive way as well. Although I am not from the U.S., I sympathize with the black community and wanted to make sure to also show my support to my fellow humans by “muting” myself for at least this week.

This episode has been pre-recorded though, which is why I opted to still publish this on Wednesday. But I do hope this episode still helps you somehow. Thank you for listening!

Beautiful Things and Memories aims to showcase the beauty that we more often disregard everyday, to highlight moments and things that bring joy, and to establish that real life is tough but the strength it takes to push through is beautiful.

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