Hi, friend! Welcome to another podcast episode about productivity for multipassionate creators! So glad you’re here. First off, I wanted to mention some podcasts I’ve been listening to which have been so inspirational in my own journey: The Lazimillennial Lounge, The Daily Pep, The Couragemakers, The Kimberley Wenya Podcast, and Lavendaire Lifestyle. I talk more about Lazimillennial Lounge and more in today’s episode. Second, I just wanted to thank you for being here listening to this and commend you for your creativity and hard work into creating a life you’ve always dreamed of. Thank you and I hope you enjoy listening to this show! Read more of this post→

Links from this episode:
Lazimillennial Lounge [https://www.instagram.com/lazimillennialpodcast]
Multipassionate Meg [https://instagram.com/multipassionatemeg]
Tee Forever [https://instagram.com/teeforever_]
How to Recharge as a Content Creator [https://bit.ly/creator-recharge]

Beautiful Things and Memories aims to showcase the beauty that we more often disregard everyday, to highlight moments and things that bring joy, and to establish that real life is tough but the strength it takes to push through is beautiful.

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