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Preserving the Dream

Sat, Aug 10, 2013 | Read in 3 minutes

Lots of months have passed by and I haven’t even bothered looking at my blog, as if its existence were close to nothing. But now… I guess I remembered that I have a duty to mankind, specifically to myself. Long ago, I dreamed of studying Information Technology (or somewhere along the lines of Computers and Technology).

Sadly, I wasn’t able to actualize that vision of me working at Google. So when the opportunity presented itself to work for an I.T. School, I immediately said, “No. Hell, no, I don’t want that.” Just kidding, of course, I said, “YES!” I thought I was one step closer to my ultimate dream.

As it turned out, I’m not working there anymore, but see, I gained good friends along the way. What happened? I worked at sales and marketing. Don’t get me wrong here. Sales and marketing has got to be one of the most helpful jobs I’ve ever been to. It teaches you a lot of things that you wouldn’t learn anywhere else. Because of that I believe I became more efficient and wise and, really, really awesome! Okay. That’s just me believing in me, but you get the point.

So, here’s a couple of pictures I took with my officemates along the crazy-wheezy adventure I had at a place I won’t name but I still will: Informatics Computer Institute. And, yes, that’s for you, Google. Hahah!

Academics Room Karla and Art Art corner Ben

Cebu Sales Rally at Mactan Shrine (I think?) Elena and me 🙂 Elena Field work Field work with Dems and Ryan Goofing around with Dems More field work More goofing around Talking about our campaign by the poolside XD Gotta love this kung fu moment Karla Nasya Elena, Bart, and me with beautiful little Nicole The Office Me XD Ben and Elena Me, Ryan, Bart, and Nash The girls Yes Whatever pose Another whatever pose Karl Hosting gig During field work Triumvirate

Now I don’t really wanna go all-the-way negative here. I still very much would like to be part of the I.T. field, but sometimes, we all have to wait for things to happen. It’s not everyday that we get to meet great people. But we can always strive, every day, to be one step closer to our dreams. We should always keep that fire of passion burning. What else is gonna fuel our otherwise routine, mundane lives if we don’t have dreams after all?

So now, I might work at a place that’s far from my ultimate goal. But we all have to make little sacrifices, spend a little time doing other stuff, in order to find our way into making our dreams come true. Cliche, yes, but life is one big cliche anyway. You only have to live it in the most awesome way you can possibly think of!


This post is dedicated to Nasya, Babart, and Elena. Love you, guys.