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Rest and a Question for Those Who Know

Tue, Dec 5, 2006 | Read in 2 minutes

After being able to work and do some encoding stuff, it’s finally my time to rest. This December, I will just be waiting for ‘on-calls.’ That’s pretty much fine with me. So, what I do is I stay home and blog my way through December. My beautiful aunt bought a new PC for us, that will arrive probably later or tomorrow. I can’t wait cuz then I won’t have to suffer this 32MB RAM, 1GB Hard Disk, Pentium-MMX, Windows 98 SE of a personal computer which I am using right now. But actually, things are cool with me. At least, this thing is connected to the Internet on a broadband… cuz if it was on Dial-up… the world truly hates me! 😉

Anyway, today, I received free CDs from Ubuntu (sponsored by Canonical Ltd.). It was all free, and I didn’t receive just one CD… there are four CDs with me now which they shipped for free (from somewhere in the Netherlands to the Philippines). Try to check out their site. I want to try it, but I don’t want to lose Windows (even though this is just Win98SE). So, if someone knowledgeable in the Linux/Windows field is reading this,… is it possible for me to have a dual boot and still maintain my files on both operating systems (Windows and Ubuntu)? If you answer me, I love you! 😀