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Same Sex Marriage and Society From The Millenial’s Point of View

Tue, Jun 30, 2015 | Read in 3 minutes

What makes the issue of same sex marriage so controversial? A lot of people become confused on the implications of this to society, including me. I used to think that marriage was sacred and that no man shall part what God has united. I used to think that, for a true marital union to take place, one man and one woman must be involved and, as nature would have it, create an offspring, which was how you and me ended up living and breathing in this world we call Earth. Guess what? I still do think of marriage that way. So sue me.

But the way these people express their hatred towards the LGBT community and same sex marriage is just appalling and, frankly, too much. Though my belief on natural marriage remains the same, I don’t see any good reason why people should condemn others because they are lesbian/ gay/ bisexual/ transsexual.

It is values that makes a man (or woman) and if that person has a different sexual orientation but is wrought with integrity, what makes him lower to the man (or woman) who is straight yet teeming with corruption? Just because we see or know a few gay people behaving indecently doesn’t mean each and every gay person is indecent. Why generalize? Are all Christians and/ or Catholics good people? I know, right.

Does same sex marriage mean equality? We are all already equal as humans and, for Christians, we are all and we always will be equal in the eyes of God. If one fights for their belief that they too must share the sacred vows of marriage with another of the same gender, then well and good. Fight for what you think is right but also prepare for the judgement of others because the world is huge and others too must fight for the beliefs they uphold. The bottom line here is respect for each other’s views, opinions, religion, and, yes, sexual orientation.

I would rather we stop wasting our energies towards debating whether one nation’s law is correct or wrong, good or evil. I would rather have a law that prohibits discrimination of any kind. Love always wins but equality is hard to achieve when people are being categorized into race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. and accepted (or not accepted), promoted (or not promoted), demoted (or not demoted), and judged (or not judged) on the basis of those criteria. A truly equal society is a society that does not discriminate, a society that offers equal opportunities. Now THAT would be a pretty challenging feat to accomplish.

(Featured photo by Scott Webb)