The truly fun things to do are the things you’re meant for. Stop dreading the next thing like a chore.

Get things done

I can help you develop a responsive website.

I believe in KISSing my way through work.
No, not the physical act. The acronym, of course.

K. I. S. S. stands for Keep It Simple, Smart.
I know it doesn’t really say “smart” on Google but, just between us, “smart” sounds way better. And so my packages are specified per time frame.


3 day delivery

Get things done within 3 days. Free up your schedule for the more fun and needle-moving things to do for your business.
Focused work: 8 hours
Investment: $50
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Custom time frame

For much bigger tasks, we can work out a schedule that suits you.
Hourly rate: $6.50
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