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Short and Sweet for Day Eight

Sun, Aug 30, 2015 | Read in 2 minutes

Mixed emotions. A tinge of annoyance, a dash of frustration, a trickle of excitement, a shimmer of guilt, and a handful of hope. These are all welled up in the cooking pot that is my emotions. But, as I’ve learned, we should never let our emotions control us; it has to be the other way around. Otherwise, it will be exhausting and overwhelming.

I haven’t posted in a long while, more than a week to be exact, because of a few reasons which I will probably (possibly) write about in the next post. For now, I am focused on completing my Blogging U. Blogging 101 Tasks even if it’s almost the end of August. So, for Day Eight: Be a Good Neighbor.

Me pondering on Day Eight Task: Oh, commenting on at least four blogs I’ve never commented before? Easy-peezy!

Why? Because I love leaving comments! I just wish the people behind the blogs I leave comments on feel the same way about my enthusiasm for leaving notes on their blogs. I like when I share my two cents because I’m not much of a talker, but I’m able to express myself better through writing.

So, I’m not really up to discussing in depth on what my comments were about, but I did gladly comply with this task and discovered a few nice people on the blog-o-sphere in the likes of: Mila Said So, Thousand Shades of J, The Black Sparkles Gal, Yadadarcyyada, and Makeup & Breakup (all of whom I have recently followed, too!) and do I have to say it? Their blogs are awesome! 🙂

(Featured photo by Thomas Lefebvre)