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Social media is my global passport

Sun, Apr 1, 2018 | Read in 2 minutes

“Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?”

Excerpt From: The Editors, “365 Days of Writing Prompts.” iBooks.

I do get social media. I get it because I’m a millennial and, even if I tried, I’d still be going back to it. It’s part of my system — my daily routine.

From a keynote speech in Brisbane, Gary Vaynerchuk once said that, “Social media is a slang term for the Internet.”

I agree. The Internet = social media. The Internet does not only provide information but also extends communication within our social circles. That concept has lots of promise, not just for online marketers but for the rest of society as well.

Sure. The most important people in my life are my friends and family. Sites like Facebook and Instagram help keep me up to date on their activities and statuses. However, I disagree that such platforms limit us to our own social circles only. Online, we are capable of discovering people with the same interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. This could be a way for us to find new “communities” to gather and form a #tribe.

So I get social media and I don’t just “just use it because that’s where all [my] friends and family are”. It’s my gateway to the rest of the world outside of my own local community. It’s my global passport.

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