Vlog Episode 5: Setting Your Own Boundaries

In this video, I talk about setting boundaries when you have a Rebel Tendency. When I say boundaries, I mean on things like mornings and sleep, exercise, values, etc. I hope you enjoy this vid and find it valuable! :) Thanks for watching! Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash Read more »

Episode 5: Setting Your Own Boundaries, Not What Society Expects of You

Today’s podcast is all about setting your own boundaries as a creative with a Rebel Tendency. It talks about mornings, time monitoring, exercises, and values. I hope you enjoy and, as always, you can leave a comment here or on SoundCloud. Do you also have a Rebel Tendency? How do you relate to boundaries when it comes to everyday living? Read more »

Setting your own boundaries, not what society expects of you

Boundaries are crucial if you want to be free. It’s a paradox, I know. Aren’t you supposed to have no limits at all when you’re talking about freedom? But freedom is such a wonderful thing once you learn how to use it responsibly and creatively. Some people use their freedom to talk unpleasantly about others and that’s just toxic. Read more »

What I learned from being chronically late

My adolescence was rough to say the least. Just before high school, my parents broke up. Our dad left. My mom was and still is a single mother who has supported us for most of our lives since then. It wasn’t the best time to be going through puberty. As for my siblings, not the best time for their childhood either. Read more »