Self Development and Self Awareness

Vlog Episode 12: Training for Optimal Work

You can’t expect to show up a hundred percent to work you hate. I always think it’s much better if you like what you’re doing, whether that means you have to change some perspectives or your circumstances. I believe it isn’t worth it to spend so much time in a job you don’t like. Read more »

Episode 12: Training Yourself to Work Optimally

What should you do when every corporate job experience doesn’t seem to work out for you? The first thing is not to be so hard on yourself. If you really tried your best but it didn’t pan out the way you’d like, then you owe it to yourself to discover what you truly aim to be working on in life. Read more »

Training yourself to work optimally

Full disclosure: I was not soย profesh when I was younger. I was chronically late and I switched jobs like you would switch clothes. All these to say, I was unemployable. I probably still am but I learned the value of respecting myself and my needs first before I can do so with other people. Read more »

Vlog Episode 3: The issues of hiding pain

Hi, friend! For today, we’re going to talk about the issues of hiding pain. Think, vulnerability, displaying emotions, verbalizing pain. The works. I hope you find this episode useful. And as always, you can leave any feedback or share your own thoughts and experience here or over on YouTube. Read more »