Slow Entrepreneurship and Flexibility

The concept of doing and learning little by little

2019 has been a good year. At the beginning of this year, I challenged myself to post on my blog twice a month for a year at least. I did that plus more. I created vlogs and podcasts. I earned a certificate for front end web development on freeCodeCamp. I committed to vlogmas even after December 25. Read more »

Vlog Episode 6: Keeping Content Flowing on a Busy Schedule

How hard is it to create content/ continue to work while juggling life responsibilities? Very. And in this video, I will be sharing with you my tips on keeping content flowing even through a busy schedule. I hope you enjoy and find this vid useful! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for watching! Read more »

Episode 6: Keeping Content Flowing on a Busy Schedule

Well, hello there! Today we have an audio version of my blog post last Monday regarding content creation during a particularly busy schedule. I believe our energies come in seasons and it’s important to honor the season you’re in. In this podcast, I talk to you about strategies and tactics that have helped me create all this content in advance. Read more »

Keeping content flowing on a busy schedule

Most, if not all, moms lead busy lives. I didn’t realize this at first when I decided to get pregnant. I thought I could just wing it when it’s there. So when I had my first baby, I told myself,ย I did not think this throughย at all. Of course, I don’t regret being a mother. Read more »