Vlog Episode 4: Minimalism and not having much

Hey there! Minimalism seems a little bit trendy around the interwebs. Here’s my take on minimalism and how it may or may not affect your life and work. I hope you find this video useful. And please do share your thoughts and experiences on minimalism below or over on YouTube. Read more »

Vlog Episode 3: The issues of hiding pain

Hi, friend! For today, we’re going to talk about the issues of hiding pain. Think, vulnerability, displaying emotions, verbalizing pain. The works. I hope you find this episode useful. And as always, you can leave any feedback or share your own thoughts and experience here or over on YouTube. Read more »

Vlog Episode 2: Being Chronically Late

Hi there, beautiful! On the vlog for today, I talk about some of the lessons I learned from being chronically late. I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback or comments? Please write them below or visit the YouTube page. Thanks for watching! Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash Read more »