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The Birthday

Mon, Dec 13, 2010 | Read in 2 minutes

I’m writing this because I’m bored. I’m so fucking bored. I wish there was one reason I could come up to get out of this fucking seminar. I don’t see any fucking reason in here. I only see people as bored or even more bored than myself. If only a UFO settled on the rooftop of this fucking building and sucked all the clinical instructors, that would’ve made my day. But, no, what I only have is an identified non-flying object called an LCD projector playing incessantly in front of thirty-something students who mostly do not give a fuck.

I just wanna get out and run. I want to run towards a sunset. I don’t want to worry about school or house budgets. I just want to see God’s creation without hindrances, free and happy.

But all I have is an endless set of Nursing jargon, an aching stomach, and a fucking bored brain.

I wonder how this day would end. I wonder if I’d be able to post this journal on my blog before the day ends. I wonder if there really is a difference between this day and all the other days of my life.

To contradict myself, I would like to say that what we have right now is meaningful. The moment we realize that we’re breathing, we have to appreciate the beauty of LIFE. There are endless advises and wise words on how to live life fully, but it really just starts with the acknowledgment of how lucky we are to still be right here where we are right now. There’s no pressure to force ourselves to be happy but there is that thought- that little hope- that though we feel like everything is fucked up, we’re not alone.

I still believe that there is someone who is meant for every person so that, when you feel down, you just know you still have that person. It could be a friend, family, a lover… or it could just be your lame neighbor.

At the end of the day, you appreciate yourself more because you just know someone else appreciates you or just simply… remembers you. 🙂