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The concept of doing and learning little by little

Mon, Dec 30, 2019 | Read in 2 minutes

2019 has been a good year.

At the beginning of this year, I challenged myself to post on my blog twice a month for a year at least. I did that plus more.

I created vlogs and podcasts.

I earned a certificate for front end web development on freeCodeCamp.

I committed to vlogmas even after December 25.

I made this year as intentional as I could.

I finally fucking did it.

It makes me so happy to be able to accomplish all this on top of raising a completely dependent little baby who’s now about to turn two in a couple of months.


I never knew what designing one’s own life was worth until I had a child. My baby is by far the greatest achievement of my life.

To learn to be present, to take care of myself. To take care of OTHERS. It all takes lots of tears, work, patience, kindness, and faith.

2019 had indeed been a great year. It was the best year ever.

And 2020? I intend to make it even more fun than the last.

I envision each year to be the best year ever.

External factors might not always be favorable but, with my new-found knowledge and growing love for the practice of Stoicism, I know I can still go through so much and choose to end up strong. The choice is always mine. It’s yours, too!

If you want to achieve something, you have the opportunity to choose to do so each year, each month, and each day.

Nothing is ever perfect. But the imperfections, the trials, and the adversities are how we learn to see past the goal of perfection. The process is also the goal.

The process of learning takes a lot of twists and turns. But know that you have the power to choose your response, your actions, your intentions along the way. ✨

I guess that’s how I’d like to end this year. With power.

More power to you and may your 2020 be meaningful, memorable, and fulfilling. Thank you so much for consuming my content. Thank you for listening. Thank you for staying true to you.

Happy New Year!